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Pandit Shyam Sundar Goswami enjoys recreating the atmosphere of ‘jalsaghor’ following meticulously the teaching of his Gurus (lately Guru Madam Mahan Thakur and Pandit Jadhunath Chakraborty).

His first singing lessons were from his mother Maya Goswami. And from those early years he gathered experience, maturity and confidence on stage. No wonder then that as a student at Rabindra Bharati University he graduated brilliantly to obtain his Masters degree in Hindustani Classical Music (Kirana Gharana), specializing in ‘Kheyal’, but proving just as good in Thumri and Bhajans.

Pandit Goswami has also undertaken extensive research to discover, learn and record ancient forgotten texts of classical Indian songs and chants. He was awarded a scholarship by the French Government and stayed at La Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris, where he researched and worked on songs of the Middle Age, with many musicians from all over the world (flautists, cellists, saxophonists, violinists and others). 

During concerts Panditji navigates in an imaginary world, inventing freely and improvising fearlessly. He reveals the soul of the Raga where moods and various feelings are hiding: melancholy, doubt, anxiety, love, happiness, joy, etc …… He unveils the true beauty of the Raga while still keeping to a great purity and rigour in the technique. He surprises even his own musicians. He takes risks. He dares. He weaves his way with power and subtlety from low to high, demonstrating his amazing voice range and control. Listeners are amazed and delighted.

He is undoubtedly among the best classical singers of his generation. His accolades include such terms as ‘jewel’, ‘magic’ from the critics.